Video preview of the new documentary by Alice Rothchild and Sharon Mullally

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Voices Across the Divide explores my personal experiences, born in Boston in 1948 to first generation parents and growing up with the State of Israel as my friend, my pride, and ultimately my heartbreak.

The documentary is coproduced with Sharon Mullally, an Emmy Award winning independent producer-director and editor whose work regularly appears on local and national public television. Most recently, Sharon produced a series of short videos on peace and social justice for the American Friends Service Committee. Sharon is a founder of extendedPLAY, a non-profit educational media group begun in 1998.

Pamela Berger, an art history and film professor at Boston College, is providing consultation and guidance. I am also networking with videographers that have accompanied me on health and human rights delegations to Israel/Palestine as well as a host of activists and Jewish and Arab film makers in the US, Israel, and the West Bank who have offered me relevant historical footage and advice. I am grateful for the photos provided by Zochrot in Tel Aviv and Badil in Bethlehem.

Music is organized by composer Layla El Nassery.

~Alice Rothchild

October 2013
“Voices Across the Divide” co-won the 2013 Audience Award
(co-winner with A World Not Ours, by Mahdi Fleife)
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